Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

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"The Tri-Force offshore team gave us experienced and highly-skilled re sources for our technology group, particularly by providing us with world- class Java skills."

Dan Jones
Manufacturer of industrial battery components

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Affiliate Program


About the Tri-Force Consulting Affiliate Program

Market for web and mobile application is increasing with each passing day. Take any industry vertical; manufacturers, healthcare providers, enterprise-level service providers and almost every sector, people are becoming more and more technology-oriented. Ideas are floating in the market to get executed and become live.

You have business but unable to execute it either because of incompetent skills or because the team is overloaded with work, or because you are unable to execute it at the client’s cost. Here Tri-Force offers you a program, wherein you can partner with us and get those work executed in timely fashion and with proper quality provided to you by an ISO 9001:2008 company and in addition keep your revenue sheet ticking up.

Mutually Valuable

Tri-Force Consulting Affiliate Program is designed as a mutually beneficial relationship between our development centres and independent IT companies, media agencies, advertising company, IT professionals/ freelancers, Business Executives around the world.

By functioning together, we jointly can build stronger client relations and build new business in the growing web and mobile development area.

  • Partner with us for your development
    Tri-Force can become your development partner, working directly with your clients or by indirect dealing through you, to bring a bigger portfolio, experience and quality to your organization immediately.
  • Additional Means to Increase Your Revenue
    This program will mean an additional means to increase your revenues with existing or new clients in need of getting a project developed.
  • Our Portfolio is your Portfolio
    You can show our portfolio as your portfolio to your clients and make your portfolio rich and bigger.

Tri-Force Consulting Affiliate Program

Who all can be our partners
Any IT company, media agency, advertising company, IT professionals/ freelancers, Business Executives or any individual consultant offering their clients a specific set of services can sign up for this model and provide additional services to their clients without any additional expenses. Some examples of our potential affiliate profiles include:

  • IT Company/Design Studios/Web Design Firms
    You work in web development and website design and want to expand your business minimizing the costs. You feel the necessity to give your clients cost effective and quality applications. You are looking for a potential outsourcing partner with great experience in IT-development. You want a solid offshore partnership with someone who has done several projects and has positive feedback from their customers. You may be too busy with your internal development and new projects or with the changing requirements. In this situation you should consider Tri-Force as your main outsourcing partner who can independently handle a web development project. You clients won’t even notice that a third-party was used to develop their web project.
  • Advertising/Media Company/Interactive Agencies/PR Firms
    Web development is not your main business, but you want to offer such services to your clients (for example, as a part of a full-fledged advertising campaign). Tri-Force can be your outsourcing partner. Our company possesses the flexibility to make web development cheap, efficient and fast. Tri-Force can work directly with your client or stay in the background, acting as an anonymous outsourcing partner.
  • IT Professional/freelance developer
    You look for clients and work independently. Often some projects are too big or require special technical expertise and experience. In these cases you can always turn to Tri-Force, which acts as a reliable outsourcing partner, working in software and web development. Our company forms a flexible price, states the development time, creates design and helps with many other tasks.
  • Business Executive
    Your business is not directly connected with Internet, but you want to have a web presence. We can provide you with qualified help in web development by providing project estimates and quickly developing the website for a great price.

Affiliate Working Models

  • Refer Client to Tri-Force
    You refer Client to Tri-Force as a lead. On successful closing of a project, gain revenue according to the commission structure.

Refer Client to TriForce

  • Refer Us to Your Client
    You refer Tri-Force to your client as development partner. On successful closing of a project, gain revenue according to the commission structure.

Refer us to your Client

  • No Tri-Force Interaction with Client
    Coordinate with the client without bringing Tri-Force in between the deal. This type of affiliates can decide the price and accept payment from clients.

No TriForce Interaction with Client

How to get Started

  • Our Website
    Visit our website, review it, understand what technologies we work on, what we do and how we work.
  • Understand the program
    Understand the program completely and clarify any doubts. If there is anyone else in your organization you would like us to speak to, let us know as well.
  • Agreement
    We’ll send over an Affiliate Agreement for you to review, sign and send back to us.

Contact Tri-Force

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