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Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

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"The Tri-Force offshore team gave us experienced and highly-skilled re sources for our technology group, particularly by providing us with world- class Java skills."

Dan Jones
Manufacturer of industrial battery components

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Infrastructure forms the backbone of any organization. At Tri-Force we ensure we take special care in order to meet the best of technology and security standards. Tri-Force is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 Certified.


  • A procedure is in place to take daily backup of all systems and server data onto data servers located in our office in US.
  • For uninterrupted internet facility, we have 3 dedicated leased lines for our development and business development team to ensure smooth progress of project and communication with client.
  • We have all paid services of various communication modes in order to speak with international clients like VOIP, telephone lines, instant messaging and email servicing.
  • Generators are there to take care of any power outage, if any. Although a situation to use it very rarely arises.
  • Our all software including operating system, anti-virus etc. are licensed.
  • All workstations and servers are protected firewalls which are automatically updated.
  • All communication or data interchange from workstations are controlled and properly logged to ensure highest level of protection for client’s data and intellectual property.
  • Software used are continuously reviewed and if required changed with the better ones in the market to improve efficiency and productivity.


  • Our office is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate our employees and all required infrastructure.
  • Two conference room for internal meeting and conference with client across the world.
  • There is a training room with LCD projector, fully equipped for any type of technical or non-technical training.
  • 24X7 security and CCTV cameras are installed at workplace. Monitoring of the same is done on regular basis.
  • No access to any electronic devices is allowed within premises without approval. During the usage after approval continuous monitoring is done.
  • No one is allowed in the premises without proper access card.
  • Electronic card and biometric security system is installed at the gates of all departments and server room in order to provide restricted access to employees and other people.
  • Fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are setup across the office premises.
  • All workstations, servers and communication channels are centrally managed from dedicated network room.