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Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

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"What sets Tri-Force apart is their technical competence, skilled resources, attention to detail, excellent communication infrastructure and project management processes that takes the stress out of outsourcing."

William Reiman
EDO Corp, Inc

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Tri-Force Profile

Tri-Force is one of the fastest growing e-solutions providing companies today. We offer software development, web development and a vast variety of other IT services, including Programming, Web Designing, Application Development, Offshore Development, Internet Marketing, Multimedia development, Open Source Development, and Oracle services.

In the last two years we have proved our ability to deliver cost-effective quality products on time to satisfied clients. Our content management, e-commerce management and web portal development services have helped various companies and organizations enhance their web presence and augment their web business. We provide cost-effective offshore development services and deliver quality products within the predetermined time frame.

Our talented pool of employees and clearly delineated methodology for project execution are our core strength; these make it possible for us to deliver quality products on time. Likewise, our insistence on roping in domain experts for every single project, in combination with our focus on creating high-quality products, has helped us make our mark in the market. Our software development teams consist of dedicated and motivated individuals led by an expert in the field. The presence of our top management in the US facilitates and eases communication with the customers and ensures that we exceed client expectations.

We, at Tri-Force, firmly believe that as providers of customized development services, it is our duty to not only understand, but also anticipate, the client needs. Our task is not just to provide client with good services and products at attractive rates—we are committed to create products that add value to the client’s business and help him save his time, effort and money. We offer products and services that simplify your day-to-day operations, increase your efficiency and help your business grow.

Why Choose Tri-Force

Using cutting-edge technology, we create high-quality customized software and offer them at a rate significantly lower than that of other software development companies. But Tri-Force does not just hastily take an order and prepare the product: we believe in building a strong and fulfilling business relationship with our customers. Our presence in the US helps use to communicate better with our clients and help them get exactly what they need.

Our special emphasis on client satisfaction impels us to forever exceed client expectations. We deploy ingenious solutions to fulfill the challenging demands of your business; we come up with solutions that help you reduce your overheads and earn more revenue through the internet. Our extensive testing and QA checks ensure that all our applications run smoothly in different conditions.

Choosing Tri-Force Offers a Number of Benefits

  • Attractive rates, timely product delivery and excellent quality
  • One-stop vendor: Get the whole project done in one place
  • Use of the latest cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Experienced and hardworking workforce with multiple domain expertise
  • Project progress reporting on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Round-the-clock service: Your work gets done while you are sleeping
  • Perfect communication systems: Keep in touch with people who are working for you
  • Awareness of client concerns and complete Intellectual Property protection