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Technical Expertise

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"Tri-Force and I collaborated together when I wanted to build an iPhone application for my Restaurant. I required their in depth knowledge for iPhone application development around implementing complex control systems within highly regulated industries. I found his in depth subject knowledge expertise extremely useful working on these projects."

Client for iPhone/iPad application for Restaurant Application

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Dynamic CRM

Dynamic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a fully integrated customer relationship management system that assists in efficient functionality and maintenance of business organization. Automating sale and support has become easier after the introduction of Microsoft product dynamics CRM services. It is focusing mainly on sales and marketing. Moreover, Dynamic CRM customization can be easily integrated with Microsoft Outlook and other necessary office applications. This Microsoft product enables better communication between the companies and its customers. This clarity in interaction leads to a long term profitable business of any organization. Dynamic CRM boasts of user-friendly features that come as a huge help in sales operation and processing of an organization both internationally and domestically.

If maintaining a customer relationship is an inevitable aspect of business operations, Dynamic CRM development helps the organizations to meet that goal. This customer management system enables flexible and affordable business solutions. Moreover, it has the ability of supporting extensive web services interfaces. The facts and figures given by the CRM often help the companies to carry out a meaningful analysis of their overall functionality because it provides the accurate statistics. Sensing the growing importance of sales and marketing division of organizations has .made Microsoft to come up with multilingual package which indeed proved to be very useful to the sales and marketing department of any business unit. In fact Microsoft has introduced Dynamic CRM as an XRM platform; however, promoted also as a proprietary framework provided they are .Net based. This indeed allows those who want to customize CRM system as per their business requirements.

Key Features of Dynamic CRM

  • Easy configuration of Reporting and BI
  • Robust Data Import Tools and De-duplication Competency
  • Multi Lingual and Multi Currency
  • Enhanced Programmability
  • Enhanced Web Services
  • Cloud Computing with Microsoft Online Services
  • Diminished Costs
  • Multi Tenancy

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamic CRM

Microsoft Dynamic customization permits great flexibility in marketing tools. Customer segmentation, campaign planning and execution, data extraction and cleansing, marketing and sales collaboration, marketing analytics and reporting have become easier with the introduction of this model.

Dynamic CRM customization is not only helping out in the marketing section, it gives a lot of benefits to the sales department too. Lead and opportunity management, territory management, quick access to pricing, quotes, and products, offline and mobile device access, sales forecasting, and sales analytics have become easier with the launch of Dynamic CRM.

Besides this, the customer care department too benefited with Dynamic CRM in terms of account and contact management, product and contract management, case and interaction management, services scheduling and service reporting and much more.

Tri-Force Dynamic CRM

Tri-Force provides the apt CRM solutions to any companies regardless of its size. As our team of professionals possessing a long term experience in the field of information technology, we keep up well with any emerging technologies and that made us to handle Dynamic CRM easily and effectively. For companies that look for effective customer care management and sales process automation, Tri-Force can be the best choice. Sound knowledge in the field of web and application technology put us in a position to address all your web based and application related issues accurately. Our professionals are ready to help you out at any point in time of your project development.

Hire Tri-Force Dynamic CRM Team

If you are in need of an efficient Dynamic CRM team, contact us for serve you better. Our team will work dedicatedly just for you and will be in touch with you in 24×7. What you promise more is timely completion of the project as well as quality and cost-effectiveness.