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Flex is an open-source framework that helps development of intuitive web applications. Creating Rich Internet Applications on the Adobe Flash platform has been made easy by Adobe systems and Flex architecture. It is a Software Development Kit made public by the Adobe Systems and proved to be the best cross platform for developing and deploying internet applications. The web applications developed on the Flex platform ensure a great deal of interactivity and visual enrichment. Flex has a smooth ride on the operating systems like Window, Linux and Mac OS. Also, this rich internet application is licensed under Mozilla Public License. Flex is based on Macromedia flash and that actually helps the end-users to a great extent.

A rich platform like Flex just allows a web application developer to have the luxury of building up extraordinary, intuitive, and interactive applications and the flexibility it offers know no boundaries. When a developer looks for to re-design or enhance the applications, nothing can be better than Flex architecture. This free open source framework provides the absolute solution to the user by leveraging the Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR run times. Scalability and reliability are those words which suits well with this free open source framework.

Using Flex framework also help in creating media applications that support live streaming. This highly productive framework simply allows to enjoy a lot of virtues that adobe systems allows for its users. The flex technology also helps in creating SWF files effortlessly. With the combining of ActionScript and MXML, flex allows the best server side integration. What is more expedient about Flex technology is that it has a consistency in deployment on all major operating systems, desktops, and browsers. Using Adobe-Flash media server ensures that the standard is met while developing most modern models because gelling with all modern technology is what the flex architecture facilitates to its users.

Key Features of Flex Architecture

  • Developing Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s)
  • Developing Interactive Web Applications that Support Complex Business Logic
  • Provides Complete RIA Environment
  • Allows Standards-Based Architecture
  • Help to Build Up Robust Development Models By Combining ActionScript and MXML
  • Easy Integration Into A Server Application
  • Visually Rich Interface
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Highly Customizable Internet Applications
  • Excellent Front End User Experience

Tri-Force Flex Development

Tri-Force possesses a long term expertise in Flex application & software development. We have been providing IT solutions for various industries over the years, and that rich experience made us to deal with any complex demands by our clients. Operating with well organized well planned manner made our way to progress easy and we carry out extensive research and analysis before commencing any client’s project. This strategy let us to complete the projects on time with absolute quality.

Tri-Force Flex Programming and Development Services

  • Custom Flex Application Development Using Complex Flex Environment
  • Integrate Flex with MySQL, SQL Server,, Oracle, PHP, Java.NET, XML, and Ruby on Rails
  • Providing Outstanding Shopping Cart E-Commerce Solutions
  • Flex Consulting
  • Rich User Interface Flex Website Design And Web Solutions
  • Flex and Adobe AIR programming
  • Customizing and Developing of Flex Modules
  • Building Up Custom Flex Components
  • Creates Flex Based CMS and LMS
  • Business Analysis and Specification Development
  • ActionScript and MXML development

Hire Tri-Force Flex Developers

Hiring Flex developers need nothing but your precise judgment. We look for to serve our clients better by providing all prevailing and latest technology. We keep up with the expertise and dedication of an offshore developer and what you merely need to do is just invest your trust and confidence on us and we make sure that we give you the very best with all our dedication and perseverance. You can avail our services cost effectively.