Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

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"Tri-Force and I collaborated together when I wanted to build an iPhone application for my Restaurant. I required their in depth knowledge for iPhone application development around implementing complex control systems within highly regulated industries. I found his in depth subject knowledge expertise extremely useful working on these projects."

Client for iPhone/iPad application for Restaurant Application

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If you are looking for enterprise application development, J2EE is certainly a good platform. We have used it mostly for creating thin-client (Browser) oriented web applications. Most of the functionalities are defined at server side, and user does not have to bother about database servers and business logic. Users interact with the web applications to receive dynamically generated web page (HTML) content. We recommend J2EE for development of quality web applications.
Knowledge and expertise of J2EE can be termed as Tri-Force’s power to develop and deliver mature well-engineered Web Applications. To facilitate dynamic interaction between the program and the User Interface Components, there are JSP (Java Server Pages) and Servlet technology components. The EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) component has provided out programmers ease to structure the applications in the form of well defined and well formed business objects, and that apart, EJB provides easy persistent data storage.
There are so many other features that enabled us to develop modular and extensible web applications for our clients using J2EE.