Technical Projects Proposal Writer Analyst

Posted 7 months ago

Designation: Technical Projects Proposal Writer Analyst

Location: Ahmedabad

Experience: 0-2 years

Key tasks and responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with CEO and manager of the department to build a market intelligence plan that identifies important trends, opportunities and decision-makers in target market sectors
  • Assist with market analysis and research for each market segment being targeted for different government agencies under the guidance of department manager
  • Research and identify future projects and actively follow their progress in anticipation of the issuance of an RFQ and RFP as well as actively tracking current opportunities (RFP/RFQ), and coordinate with everyone on the team
  • Develop and document thorough knowledge of RFP/RFQ technical scope of work, proposal submission requirements and come up with technical, management and cost approach and submitting the proposal in time for internal review and final submission.  Must be able to research and formulate the optimum technical approach with the current technical trends related to the technical scope of work mentioned in RFP
  • Prepare the questions to get answers for clarifications related to RFP or RFQ from the contracting officer(s) of the agencies issuing the proposals
  • Collaborate with the technical recruitment team to find the technical skilled resources in different technologies based on the RFP’s technical scope of work
  • Contact and negotiate the salary or hourly rate information with the candidates and putting together signed contingency offer letter from the candidates to include in the proposal submission
  • Keep track of all the activities related to proposal writing into the company’s CRM system and get trained in using the system efficiently
  • Attend pre-proposal conferences online or over the phone as appropriate
  • Actively pursue, build and maintain strong lasting relationships in the industry and community to generate and enhance business opportunities
  • Keep current on trends by attending appropriate seminars, reading published information and through participation in professional organizations

Required Competencies and Qualifications (technical, academic, experience, values):

  • 0-2 years of experience in software development area working as a software systems analyst
  • Strong technical understanding of software development life cycle and architecture concepts related to .NET, Java, Mobile, Business intelligence and database technologies.  No programming experience is required
  • Any previous experience writing technical software development projects proposal is a plus, otherwise must be able to quickly learn the skills and put into practice in a professional way
  • Must have excellent organization and strong communication skills including technical writing and oral presentations.
  • Must have excellent phone and interpersonal skills
  • Strong technical and document formatting knowledge using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Adobe is a must
  • Experience using contact relationship management software
  • Must be a hard-working, dedicated and willing to go extra miles to help company win the projects to sustain growth.  Must meet the performance goals set by the manager
  • Schooling in English medium is preferred and a plus
  • B.E in Computer Science or MCA degree is required

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