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LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) is a smart combination of different open source platforms which allows development and deployment of robust web based applications. For a better survival in the highly competitive online market, this web server infrastructure comes as a deciding factor. A lion share of online business websites utilizes this free, open source platform because of its scalable and reliable nature. The developing is absolutely free and you may need to take out only a meager amount to deploy it. LAMP technology allows the user to develop secure web applications.

Web application development has been so cheap with the help of this free open source platform. Whether you require a full featured database driven website or simple web applications, LAMP has all the software solutions that understand your needs. LAMP technology itself grows with the time and incorporates more programming languages like Pearl and Python to its resources. The open source community has literally popularized the LAMP technology and a large share of online website market across the globe has been accepted this platform as their wise choice.

When there is no license restriction on a technological platform, you have all the freedom to develop and deploy your web applications freely and this is what LAMP technology make possible to the developers worldwide. Moreover, this solution stack technology permits an easy choice of deployment which is the most attractive feature of any open source technology. Another huge gain is that majority of web hosting companies permit LAMP based environment as well as cutting down on the processing time which makes a web developer’s job really easy.

Key Features of LAMP Technology

  • Free, Open Source Platform
  • Low Cost Deployment
  • No Licensing Issues
  • Application Scalability
  • Easy Deployment
  • Security and Stability
  • Smooth Development Cycle

Tri-Force LAMP Technology Development

LAMP is a combination of some smart open source frameworks and that demands right mixture of skill and know-how. One cannot do fair with such a complex technology without the comprehensive knowledge in the subject matter. Tri-Force thrives to accomplish this technological impeccability by using its skilled resource. Tri-Force developers have been working on all major frameworks and platforms. LAMP is one major area our developers focus more on.

Tri-Force believes in perfection as well as dedication to work. While the long term working experience in open source framework boost our confidence, our developers and designers make the most of LAMP technology in order to provide the ultimate solutions to our clients.

Hire Tri-Force LAMP Technology Developers

Hiring professionals has been a widespread practice among the business units and web owners and, certainly, what they look for is nothing but dedication and cost-effectiveness. While you search for these virtues, here we are waiting for your call. You can entirely count on our capabilities in providing you the absolute web solutions. Our LAMP professionals know the core of the business and allow you to enjoy the online success.

What Tri-Force Focus On

Web Applications: We focus on providing robust, flexible web applications with the help of LAMP technology.

Personal Websites: Personal website reflects your taste and that requires deep understanding of your personal needs and Tri-Force LAMP technology assists you in having an attractive personal website.

E-Commerce Website: We provide the ultimate ecommerce solution with the help of LAMP architecture.

Small Corporate Websites: Create your corporate identity positively by utilizing the services of our LAMP developers.

Community Portals: Let your members enjoy the feature-rich portal that our LAMP professionals develop for you.

Content Management System: Tri-Force ensures you the ultimate Content Management System by utilizing the most modern LAMP technology.

Knowledge Management System: If knowledge management is an integral part of your organization, why don’t you take the help of skillful LAMP developers? Tri-Force provides you the best knowledge management system by utilizing the virtues of LAMP architecture.