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Never Lose The Thread Again…

It happens all the time you attend a rewarding business event or any other type of event, gather number of leads, and feel the need to quickly send a follow up information about yourself or business to hot leads you met at the event before your competitor does!
MLeads allows you to do just that! MLeads is developed to connect, capture and perform quick follow on actions on your smartphone or iPad to your business or personal leads gathered during the conferences/events you attend.
What is MLeads Way?

Simple 5 Steps Process:
Step 1: Prior to attending the event, enter the information about the Event.
Step 2: Pre-configure follow up email message templates that you want to send to the leads using cloud computing platform or using your mobile devices
Step 3: Capture leads on mobile devices during the event session or conference you are attending (Take picture of the business card or scan QRCode card/OCR Business card or manually enter the lead information). Voice Record important details about your conversation with your lead.
Step 4: Follow up with the leads – send email using pre-configured follow up messages, Make a phone call, send SMS message to a lead, look up lead’sLinkedIn profile, perform Google search on lead , research company site , add lead to address book etc.
Step 5: Want to export the leads data into excel format for importing into your existing CRM system?, go to and export the data.

Why MLeads?

* Instant capture and perform follow up actions on your leads/connections on your mobile devices anywhere!
* No typing necessary, QRCode/OCR scanning capability eliminates data entry
* Powerful Lead research capability – Look up LinkedIn profile, send LinkedIn connect request, perform Google Search; Review lead’s company site, add lead to mobile device address book etc.
* Works with iPhone or iPad or Android devices
* Manage your leads using a secure cloud computing platform accessible 24X7
* Export your leads in excel format by using on-line portal
* Worry free – its hosted and secured access to your leads information over SSL connection
* Use MLeads while internet connection is available on your mobile device or not
* Unique data synchronization feature allows user to synchronize the data from your mobile device to secure cloud computing platform
Currently, Tri-Force offers MLeads for iPhone, iPad and, Android. Try out MLeads right now by downloading the Basic Version for free; to get access to more features, you can download the Full Version. To learn more about MLeads, visit the site by clicking the following link:

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