Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

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"What sets Tri-Force apart is their technical competence, skilled resources, attention to detail, excellent communication infrastructure and project management processes that takes the stress out of outsourcing."

William Reiman
EDO Corp, Inc

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Tri-Force offers you the option of offshore development. Offshore development (the development takes place at our own offshore development location) makes sense when the project guidelines are well-defined as its power can be harnessed to promote cost-efficiency and save time.

The major advantage of outsourcing development work is that you can get your work done for a lower rate. Tri-Force offshore development models combine the benefits of lower rates with high-quality services and solutions.

Depending on the size and scope of your project, we offer you four customized offshore development models to choose from. You can hire programmers on an hourly basis, project basis, contract basis, or you can opt for our online consulting services.

Hourly Basis

This model works best for small projects with clear aims that need to be fulfilled within a specified time-limit. You pay for the services of the programmers on an hourly basis. We offer the best hourly rates for offshore development work vis-à-vis the quality of solutions and services provided.


Project Basis

In case of clear requirement (you have clear specifications of your requirement and have already completed detailed analysis and application design) or familiar requirement (it’s the kind of project we have worked on before) we are happy to offer you project-based offshore development. A project-based offshore development model gives you the advantage fixed-price and specified time frame.

Contract Basis

You also have the option of hiring programmers and developers from our offshore destination. Tri-Force offshore development centre is equipped with state-of-the-art architecture and you can use the services of our skilled and professionals employees at attractive rates. You can hire an individual programmer or you can hire more and create a team of developers working on your product.

You can easily contact the people working for you using email, phones and internet telephones. Our employees possess an above average knowledge of English which makes it easy for you to communicate your ideas. In case of long-term project the offshore development centre provides clients with a daily, weekly and monthly report on the status of the project.

Onsite Consulting

You can use the services of our best talent at your site in case of a complex project that requires special technical expertise for a short period of time. Although the service is provided onsite, you benefit from the fact that we charge offshore development rates for onsite consulting. Tri-Force onsite consultant will have complete understanding of SDLC and will ensure proper project execution.