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IT Asset Management

IT has rapidly evolved and reached high level of complexity over the last few years, and it keeps on changing. As a business operating on a global scale, you must have made huge investments in IT assets, and the sheer scale of your IT assets makes it difficult for you to keep track of your IT infrastructure and sometimes you find that you are not aware of its current status. It is very difficult to monitor your purchases, keep an eye on the licensing terms and agreements, to analyze system usage or even calculate the ROI on your investment in IT assets.

Our customized IT Asset Management solutions help you organize and maintain your policies, compliance, and standard; it also makes managing risk, control, business performance, IT governance and other aspects of your IT assets. The solutions integrate all the different aspects of your IT assets and build a clear and complete picture of your IT infrastructure.

Key Advantages of Tri-Force IT Asset Management Solutions

  • Enhances your ability to meet regulatory demands for IT asset planning
  • Improved ROI on your IT assets as performance improves
  • Better identification of necessary IT assets and better control over inventory
  • Proper documentation and increased accountability ensures compliance
  • Integrated solution reduces dependence on numerous separate maintenance programs and activities

Tri-Force Offers a Wide Range of IT Asset Management Services

  • IT Assets Installation Reports—Preparation and Organization
  • Documenting IT Asset Issuance Based On Work-Flow
  • IT Asset Inventory Tracking
  • Maintenance of IT Asset Records like Contracts, Serial Numbers, Installation Dates, Repairing and Maintenance Dates, Contracts, and Configurations
  • Instant Recording and Updating of Changes in IT Assets Details