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Technical Expertise

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"The Tri-Force offshore team gave us experienced and highly-skilled re sources for our technology group, particularly by providing us with world- class Java skills."

Dan Jones
Manufacturer of industrial battery components

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Vendor Management Services

Proper communication with vendors is as important, and a proper system of communication between your business and your vendors ensures that you get, and provide, smooth service. Tri-Force vendor management services can help improve the communication channels between you and your vendors and consequently increase your business efficiency, reduce your cost and help you serve you customers better. We can take care of all your IT-related vendors and free you from the hassles of follow-ups and maintaining hundreds of different details relating to your contracts.

Key Advantages of Tri-Force Vendor Management Services

  • Reduction in your total cost of procurement; we identify areas where you can save money
  • Enhanced vendor performance due to regular reviews and improved process and communication
  • Increased profit levels and customer satisfaction due to more efficient purchasing
  • Time, money and effort released for investment in core business competency
  • Decreased services failures from the vendors due to continual review of services and extensive follow-up
  • Miscommunication and misunderstands reduced due to deployment of capable VMS services

Tri-Force Offers Vendor Management Services Encompasses a Wide Range of Activities

  • Organization and maintenance of Vendor database
  • Timely resolution of hardware or software issues through unremitting follow-ups
  • Ensuring we get the committed uptime from the vendors
  • Tracking and maintain inventory of items sent or repairing or replacement
  • Preparation of clear Service Level Agreement (SLA) for all vendors
  • Vetting vendors and rating their performing in relation to SLA
  • Liaising with vendors and building close ties to ensure on-time delivery
  • Logging vendors’ response to complaints, rewarding quick resolution and penalizing delay