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Technical Expertise

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"Tri-Force and I collaborated together when I wanted to build an iPhone application for my Restaurant. I required their in depth knowledge for iPhone application development around implementing complex control systems within highly regulated industries. I found his in depth subject knowledge expertise extremely useful working on these projects."

Client for iPhone/iPad application for Restaurant Application

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Mobile Website Development

An increasingly large number of customers are using smartphones in lieu of their laptops and computers for checking mail, surfing the internet, and even for connecting with their friends through social networking sites. Most companies ensure that their websites are compatible with different browsers like Internet Explorer 6 +, Google Chrome, and Firefox 1.05 +, but now, in face of the rising importance of internet use on mobiles, every organization is compelled to build websites that function smoothly over different smartphone platforms.

It is imperative for all businesses and enterprises to build a website that is visible on mobile phones, and good mobile website development makes it possible for mobile users on different platforms and devices to easily access all the features of the website. A mobile website developer takes into account the fact that the users view the information on a much smaller screen on a device with less power and limited memory. He also considers the fact that it takes a lot longer to download information on mobiles. Tri-Force leverages expertise of the developers and harnesses different techniques, technologies and processes to build feature-rich websites that are visible to maximum number of mobile users.

Tri-Force Mobile Application Development

Tri-Force has been building websites for diverse companies since a long time, and we have also been involved with mobile application development for different platforms including Symbian, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and J2ME-based mobile development. Mobile website development is a natural extension of our services, and in addition to custom mobile development project, we provide mobile web page development and mobile website design.

We ensure that your website is accessible from different smartphone platforms and devices, that the content and layout matches the smaller screen of mobiles and that it is compatible with maximum number of browsers. Keeping in mind the fact that downloading takes a lot of time, we design web sites with striking but few graphics and make sure that website downloads quickly. The websites we build for mobiles provide a smooth browsing experience with minimum typing and scrolling.

Tri-Force is your one-stop destination for mobile website development, and we offer a wide variety of customized mobile website development services

  • Reviewing and Modifying Existing Site to Make it Mobile Compatible
  • Designing Websites With Few But Attractive Graphics and Content That Load Quickly
  • Designing and Developing SEO Friendly Websites for Mobile
  • Enabling Payment Gateways
  • Analysis of Client Expectations and Decision on Which Mobiles Platforms to be Targeted