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Technical Expertise

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"Tri-Force is a thorough professional company. They pay great attention to detail while always seeing the bigger picture. They combine excellent technical knowledge with good management skills and clear, confident communications abilities. "

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Multimedia Solution

Your products or services alone cannot attract business: your website needs to present your business in the best light, evoke curiosity, and entice the visitors to know more about you. Multimedia solutions seamlessly combining images and words (and sometimes integrating sounds and animation) are essential to explain your services to the users in a different and interesting way; this will set you apart from your competitors, and help you build a unique and easily recognizable brand.

Irrespective of your business sector, you can present yourself more effectively using professionally developed multimedia solutions. By blending images that symbolically represent your business with effective content that concisely defines your business and services, Tri-Force’s multimedia services can help you create a striking presence in the market.

Our graphic designers and multimedia developers are known for their original and outstanding images and animations, and they excel at using Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Maya and many other designing tools. Our designing expertise is supplemented by our vast pool of talented software developers, and they ensure that the multimedia function flawlessly on different computing systems, don’t take too long to download, and are easily navigable.

Tri-Force Multimedia Solutions

  • Multimedia for Websites
    Your website is not just your online persona—it is also an important tool for revenue generation. Our designers interact with the clients, and then embark on their creative journey to design eye-catching and unique images, armed with a sharp understanding of clients’ requirements and expectations.
  • Multimedia solutions for Mobiles
    At Tri-Force, we have a vast experience in developing applications and games for diverse mobile devices working with different operating systems. Our designers have complete understanding of the implications of the 3.5 cm smartphone screen, and they construct images that capture attention and leave a deep impression on the watcher’s mind.
  • Logo Designing
    More likely than not, there are hundreds or even thousands of companies competing with you, and it’s difficult to build a distinguished presence in such market conditions. We understand the importance of a logo: a forgettable logo will push you into obscurity, while an attention-grabbing logo with imaginative graphics will earn you a place in the visitor’s memory. We design logos, emblems and trademarks that not only capture attention, but also visually and symbolically represent your company.
  • Website customization services
    If your website is not working for you, you don’t need to build it right from scratch; we can customize your website and add multimedia without harming the integrity of your website. Customization can include designing new pages, adding flash animation or extensively revising or standardizing the existing design.