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Open Source Development

Commercial Off-the-shelf (COTS) means ready-to-use software or plug-ins that can be used with little or no modification depending upon the requirements of the business.

Tri-Force COTS solutions have all the benefits of the more ‘traditional’ solutions in businesses like financial management, supply chain management, and human resources, but in addition provide support for the unique business processes commonly required by the business.

How Does COTS Help You?

Tri-Force COTS developers are focused on creating innovative and market-leading products with unique application software that work smoothly on certifiable platforms.

Using COTS will help you save time and money and allow you to concentrate your human resources on your core business. Buying certifiable COTS products means that you outsource software development to experts and utilize their domain-specific skill to resolve your software-related issues.

This also helps to reduce costs as the cost of software development and certification is spread across several customers. The fact that the products are already accessible diminishes the risk of undertaking new hardware or software development.