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Compatibility Testing


There is nothing more exasperating than finding that a perfectly created software, free from any defects, doesn’t work well in different computing environments. Tri-Force compatibility testing thoroughly tests your software through a battery of manual and automatic tests, to make sure that it functions at an optimum level on each and every hardware and network platform, on each and every operating system and database, and on every browser.

We also make sure that your software and applications function smoothly with other applications to give the user a seamless experience.

Tri-Force Compatibility Testing Process

At the start of the project, our testers understand the concept behind the software to clearly define your needs from the compatibility testing process. And then we study/write case studies to configure the compatibility test lab and evolve a cost-effective matrix of platforms and Test Plan for testing the software.

The testing team executes the test cases on diverse platforms, documents the results, and makes sure that the software delivers optimum performance across all platforms. Next, we compare the performance of the software on different platforms and find reasons for less than optimum performance and correct the errors. After these processes are over, we automate the testing to streamline the testing process.

Tri-Force compatibility testing ensures that the software is compatible with:

  • Different workstations and servers like UNIX, MACs and PCs
  • Operating systems like all the versions of Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX
  • Different mobile hardware, carriers and operating systems
  • All versions of different browsers like Firefox, Netscape, Safari and Internet Explorer
  • Hardware platforms with different computing capacity like HP 9000, IBM 360, etc.
  • Peripherals like printers, DVD driver, etc.
  • Databases like DB2, Oracle, and Sybase

At the end of compatibility testing, the software functions perfectly across different platforms and offers a flawless, much improved user-experience.