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Essential Testing


The only constant in the fast-developing IT sector is change. As the method and tools of developing applications, and the ways in which they are used, change, it is necessary to change and upgrade the testing methods too. Essential testing is a way of testing the right details at the right time and the right manner.

Tri-Force testing experts are familiar with the latest testing tools and methods, and we have honed the art of testing to ensure complete quality control for applications and software under test. We adopt a pro-active and aggressive approach to testing and weed out most defects at an early stage.

Tri-Force’s Essential Testing methods focus on the key testing activities, with main stress on functional testing, regression testing, system testing, user acceptance testing, and integrating and system testing. This helps us fulfill our aim of deploying applications and software that are totally free of defect, and which function well in all environments and satisfy all the stakeholders.

We keep in mind the specific use and requirements of your product and its place in your business, understand the concept thoroughly, and carry out the following essential tests:

Planning and Certainty Testing: We define the QA and testing process upfront, and bring clarity to process planning, to bring certainty to the testing results. We understand client needs and the expected use of the application, and we develop unique testing and defect management system that fits the specific needs of the software.

Functional Testing: Our Functionality tests take into consideration the end users and their expectations from the products. We also gather a deeper understanding of the product and define its requirements. After identifying the functions that the software needs to perform, we execute test cases to search and destroy any bugs.

Integration Testing: We create test cases and focus on every single component to make sure that every functional, performance or reliability issue on all major designs is resolved. This removes all the bottlenecks between the modules and ensures smooth interaction among different modules.

System Testing: Complete testing of the system to analyze whether the entire application fulfills the specified requirements.

User Acceptance Testing: Our final phase of testing checks the readiness of the application and how easy or difficult it is for general users to use it.