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Technical Expertise

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Performance Testing


At Tri-Force, it is our aim to provide completely bug-free software and websites to our clients. On the basis of the kind of project and risk mitigation required, we conduct a number performance tests, including load testing and stress testing, to ensure that the tested websites, applications or software are free from any kind of defect.

We understand that it is very likely that a large number of users will use the applications we create for you. Also, the applications need to function well in diverse computing environments across multiple interfaces. Our extensive testing methods evaluate and validate scalability, stability and speed of the applications and software, in relation to the expected usage.

Tri-Force testing team ascertains that throughput, response time, resource utilization levels and all other performance objectives are met for the applications and software under test. We identify the potential bottlenecks and tune the different parameters of the application for optimum performance.

Performance Testing Services

Performance testing at Tri-Force will also include endurance testing, baseline testing and capacity testing. This testing will resolve all the issues relating to the time it takes individual elements to load, processing time for server requests, and the amount of load the application can handle.

We check the system performance under average and heavy loads in real time using load testing. We keep in mind the growing needs of the application and optimize the performance so that the application functions effectively even under heavy loads.

We keep in mind the fact that the system may need to handle unusual load under certain circumstances and perform stress testing on the product to check the robustness of the application in the face of loads exceeding maximum expected loads.

Tri-Force testing will cover the following services:

  • Performance benchmarking based on service level agreements
  • Performance tuning
  • Capacity analysis
  • Performance measurement using performance testing, load testing, and stress testing
  • Performance testing at network, middleware and application layers
  • Automation of performance testing using tools
  • Setting up of test monitor, test execution and results analysis.