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MicroSoft .NET Application Development


What is .NET?

.NET Application is a software framework for Microsoft Windows operating system. It possesses a large library and supports various programming languages, enabling each language to utilize the code of other languages.

.NET works with mobile applications, rich client application, and rich internet application. It is also used in service applications and web applications. Our .NET Application development services create web applications using AJAX and Silverlight. At Tri-Force, you can hire a dedicated team of .NET developers with years of experience who will help you get exactly what you want.

.NET Web Application

C# and VB.NET are considered best for the purpose of usability for web-based applications that run on ASP.NET. We use the same to create your websites, ensuring that your websites are the best in terms of security and usability.

Tri-Force is the first choice when it comes to .NET Web Application because:

  • We work with multiple versions of .NET frameworks: 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and others.
  • We have a team of dedicated Microsoft Technology experts who make sure that the application envelops a wide spectrum of MS Technology Tools.
  • Our .NET Web Application developers are comfortable with different recommendations and frameworks for varied Application Development.

.NET Mobile Applications

Tri-Force .NET Mobile Application Service offers consumers with the best of experiences regardless of the time, place or mobile phone.

Our .NET Mobile Application Service has transformed the world of administered code and XML Web services. As a consequence:

  • We can easily execute secure and downloadable applications on Mobile Phones.
  • Our .NET Mobile Application Services help reduce development cost transversely through diverse Mobile Application Developments.
  • Our .NET Mobile Application Services make sure that you get access to instant data on a real-time basis using Wireless/Mobile Solutions.