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Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

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"The Tri-Force offshore team gave us experienced and highly-skilled re sources for our technology group, particularly by providing us with world- class Java skills."

Dan Jones
Manufacturer of industrial battery components

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Web 2.0 Web Page Design

At Tri-Force, we are continuously striving to add more and more desktop-like features to our clients’ websites, so that you can use the User Interface (UI) Component of the web application to get a highly collaborative and interactive environment. Web 2.0 is the platform to build such dynamic rich internet applications.

Since Web 2.0 applications are closer to desktop applications and, in a broader sense, more closely related to the real world, we need to bridge the gap between web programming and desktop programming by an efficient architectural and interface design. We use our expertise in AJAX, Adobe Flex, and XML to create the right designs.

We have formulated an objective standard to determine the criteria for user friendliness, performance and interactivity to develop the web pages according to Web 2.0 standards. These are the areas we specialize in:

  • Social Networking and Gaming
  • E-Commerce
  • E-Learning

To make a web page look simple, yet so efficient that it provides services as per Web 2.0 standards is a challenging task. Tri-Force accepts this challenge with commitment to provide you the best interactive website.