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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is an unavoidable task. There is no point of having a website if you are not going to update and maintain it. With time, the number of users increase, new versions of the software appear, and business demands change. So, website maintenance becomes necessary.

Today, companies around the world spend a great amount of money for website upgradation, migration, and maintenance to keep their web presence up-to-date, and to deal with the changing web trends.

Tri-Force’s criterion for website maintenance involves Web Analytics, Routine Maintenance, Patches and Upgrades and Web Content Management.

Web Analytics

A web policy is a blueprint for website maintenance. At Tri-Force, we analyze the web environment in which the website is running, which involves reviewing Web technologies and Standards and their effect on website maintenance. Using the results, we come up with an appropriate web policy and web documents that assist in efficient web management.

The following figure demonstrates our approach for web analysis:

We analyze the factors that can positively influence the website. We track the problems that are not addressed in current web policy. We analyze and classify web usage as per the environmental factors and formulate a new policy in order to measure and optimize the performance of the website.

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance focuses on care of the uptime for the website and response time for information. We also give special attention to the security policy of the websites. If the web portal is related to financial transactions and information, we put special emphasis on examining the security and integrity constraints.

Patches and Upgrades

Patching or Upgrading means installing a software component to stabilize the behavior of the web application. Tasks like adding modules to the databases or adding functionalities are included in upgrades.

Whenever we implement an upgrade in the existing website, we test the website to make sure that the newly installed components do not disturb overall functionalities of the website.

Web Content Management

The nature of domain of the website determines the amount of content to be updated and the frequency with which the content has to be updated. The days when static content used to be updated manually have gone.

Now, it is possible to use new technologies like Web Services and RSS feeds to update live content automatically. Tri-Force solutions and assistance will help you to keep your website content fresh and productive.