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Technical Expertise

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"The Tri-Force offshore team gave us experienced and highly-skilled re sources for our technology group, particularly by providing us with world- class Java skills."

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Silverlight Development

Microsoft Silverlight is a free web-browser that is compatible with all major operating systems (Linux, Mac, and Windows) and which works well with all major browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and more). It is one of the most powerful web development tools launched by Microsoft in recent times, and Silverlight makes it very easy for developers to create striking and interactive web, mobile and desktop applications.

Silverlight facilitates the creation of RIA (Rich Internet Application), simplifies integration of multimedia content, vector graphics, animation, and video plug-ins, and makes it easier for developers to create interactive, fast and powerful applications that are supported by all browsers and operating systems.

Silverlight Development with Tri-Force

Tri-Force has a team of experienced software developers, and our experienced team of Silverlight developers is proficient at leveraging the enormous development potentiality of Silverlight to build reliable, attractive and interactive web, desktop and mobile applications.

We carry out an in-depth study of your projects, understand your requirements, define your current needs, and anticipate needs that might arise in future. Using this knowledge, we use Silverlight in conjunction with other technologies to develop custom applications that fit your requirements perfectly.

How Tri-Force Silverlight Development Helps You

  • Save Money: Building, licensing and streaming multimedia over Silverlight is very easy, and with Tri-Force it is also the most economical of doing it. You pay less, and get a lot.
  • Multi platform, multi browser: Application we build for you function perfectly across different OS and browsers.
  • Speed: Tri-Force uses the killing combination of .Net framework with Silverlight, and we make your website speed skyrocket.
  • Quick Updating and Integration: We can integrate Silverlight in your existing website; your website looks and loads better by just investing a little bit of time and money.
  • Best Multimedia Experience: Our Silverlight services will let you integrate high-quality videos, vector graphics, streaming television and broadcast into your site—and make sure that they load fast.

Tri-Force Silverlight Development Services

  • Silverlight Development Consulting
  • Silverlight Application Development
  • Silverlight RIA Development
  • Silverlight Integration in Existing Site
  • Audio, Video, Broadcasting Streaming Integration
  • Silverlight Game Development
  • Silverlight Application Testing and QA