ANSHealth, Inc


  • This application streamlines the process of disseminating drug prescription information between doctors and pharmacy.
  • The site doesn’t store any information on its own server to comply with the HIPPA rules.
  • ANSHealth functions as a peer-to-peer application that allows doctors to directly send their prescription information to pharmacy, and it lets the pharmacy to immediately send information back to the doctor.
  • In order to achieve this end, the application uses an EDI/XML engine that sends and receives NCPDP SCRIPT and XML messages.
  • It also exposes API to allow external access and integrates the ability to fix data string. We also created online DB scheme to manage support data and we developed SOAP messages to provide ‘lookup’ to directory service for profile, connection and security information.

Technology Stack

C#.NET 3.5, XML, NCPDP Script, TCP/IP protocol, Web Service, SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2008.